“Its’ been overwhelming in the best kind of way! Allan and I love what we do and I feel that passion comes through both in our products and our service. I wanted to give brides something that truly was fresh, stylish and original. Most importantly I wanted it to be simple process for them. When you know that professionals are there to take care of the details for you, it allows you to relax and enjoy the process of making your celebration both beautiful and memorable.”

“One of the highlights of my day is when the Bride and Groom see their names beautifully printed on their invitations for the first time. It is something about that moment that is so special, so exciting and so meaningful for the couple. It’s just like when you spot your wedding dress, out of dozens of choices, for the first time. Your heart races a little faster and you just know that this is the one, and it is simply perfect.”

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At Stationery Couture, we know that at this moment in history; and more than at any other on time on this planet, that conducting environmentally responsible business practices and procedures is essential within our industry as a whole and is also an important part of our personal and business ethos.

In acknowledgement of this, we source our materials from a selection of products that are derived from a renewable or sustainable resource. Where and when possible we also use vegetable based inks. To complement these eco-friendly materials, only biodegradable practices are used during the manufacturing process. Stationery Couture also utilises a sophisticated recycling strategy and offers a commitment not to exceed paper waste output levels, which currently sit at 1%. (In real terms this means of all the paper stock our business will order during the year only 1% or less of paper products will not be able to be re-used or recycled.)

Stationery Couture is proud of its initiatives, commitment to sustainability principles, and the results achieved within our own business model. If you have further enquiries regarding our environmental directives, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.
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Our paper waste output levels currently sit at just 1%
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Materials from renewable or sustainable resources
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Conducting environmentally responsible business practices